Sign-Up to Become an ECSI Education Center

The national agreement between BSA and ECSI gives each unit, district, or council the ability to act as a stand-alone emergency care training center. With this independence, BSA staff and volunteers can teach emergency care courses as needed within their local scouting chapter. The process to become a new Education Center with ECSI is easy. If you would like to sign up your unit, district, or council as a brand-new ECSI Education Center, follow these three simple steps:

Complete the ECSI Education Center application in five minutes or less. We'll begin to review your application upon receipt.
Wait one to two business days for our Membership Office to review your application. We'll send you an e-mail to let you know that we are working through the process.
Receive your approval e-mail notification from our Membership Office and finalize your acceptance by purchasing a Teaching Package for the course(s) you wish to teach. Unlike some other organizations that require costly instructor materials for every instructor, we require only that a single Teaching Package be purchased for your new Education Center—regardless of how many instructors plan to use it!* The decision to buy additional Teaching Packages is all yours.
* Once a new ECSI Education Center is approved, additional instructors may apply
  to teach for that Education Center.
Complete the ECSI Education Center application now to get started. If you have any questions about the application or sign-up process, please contact the ECSI Membership Office at 1-800-716-7264.


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