Sign-Up to Become an ECSI Instructor

The process of becoming a new Instructor with ECSI is easy. If your unit, district, or council has been approved as an Education Center, additional individuals may apply to teach for that Education Center. There are two ways to become an ECSI instructor:

Option 1: Ask for instructor reciprocity.

If you already have adequate content knowledge in the course(s) that you would like to teach (for example, first aid or CPR) and can also demonstrate adequate teaching experience (for example, you are an instructor from another nationally recognized training organization), you may request instructor reciprocity and complete an ECSI Instructor application here.

Please note that all ECSI Instructors must be associated with an ECSI Education Center. If your unit, district, or council is not already set up an as ECSI Education Center, please first fill out the Education Center Application here.

Option 2: Complete an Instructor Development Course.

If you have little or no teaching experience but would like to learn how to train others to perform life-saving skills, like first aid and CPR, you can participate in an ECSI Instructor Development Course (IDC). This course covers topics such as teaching methodologies, complying with ECSI policies and procedures, following course objectives, and conducting skills practice sessions. The IDC is administered by authorized ECSI Instructor-Trainers.

Complete the ECSI Instructor application now to get started. If you have any questions about the application or sign-up process, please contact the ECSI Membership Office at 1-800-716-7264.


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